Cinema is nowadays more spectacular, sparkling and colorful than ever. Weekly we can see lots of film premiers that with new technologies let us interact as if we were in the big screen. Although that’s great, we would be making a big mistake if we don’t take a break and look back in time to classics. There are lots of black and white master pieces that everybody must-watch, forget the urban legend that black and white means boring. Not only black and white is the immortal photography trend, it’s also stylish, beautiful and kind of intriguing. When watching a black and white film is impossible not to imagine which color may be those dresses, hairs, buildings, so each one may see the same images in a different and personal way.

A great example of this is “Some like it hot”. A Billy Wilder film which explains the story of two musicians who after seeing a mob hit have to get away from the city, and they do, but in a very particular way.   Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are some of the big names starring this adventure. Believe me when I say this is a must-watch film with a must-listen soundtrack! And remember, “nobody’s perfect”.