Yesterday, I was in a bar with my friends and suddenly it happened! first notes of “common people” were playing,  silence in the crowd, everybody in the bar looking to each other… we leave aside our differences and went back in time singing and dancing as if we were that boy, Jarvis Cocker. What a moment!… Their name is still nowadays a synonymous of BritPop. In fact, Pulp is one of these bands which have made a difference in the music industry. They launched their first album in the 80’s and their addictive rhythms quickly became the hymn of an era. But it’s not only their music, it’s their attitude, their charisma and their eccentric essence what makes of Pulp a must-keep in mind band. Last spring they came back to Barcelona, and i must-say that although time passes, they still know how to make your feet move with no control.

Jarvis Cocker, the band’s singer has now reappeared in solitaire with songs like “Don’t let him waste your time”. More serious and adult but still Jarvis!