The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation or Marie Antoinette are different titles with one thing in common, Sofia Coppola. Her last film is called “Somewhere” and talks about a rich and succesful man (Stephen Dorff) whose boring and monotonous life will completely turn around when his past relation’s daughter (Elle Fanning) suddenly arrives. The story takes place in the famous Hotel “Chateau Marmont”, in Hollywood. In fact, this September, “Somewhere” has been the Golden Lion’s winner in the 67th Venice Film Festival.

As important as the film, is the soundtrack, and Sofia seems to have a great musical taste. In “The Virgin Sucides” she chose Air, in “Marie Antoinette” the Strokes helped contrasting the classic scene with their modern feelings, and now, in “Somewhere” it’s Phoenix’s time. All of them, in my opinion, are perfect elections.

Some Must-Watch films with Must-Listen soundtracks!