Welcome on board. The 60’s, Pan American World Airways, sexy stewardesses, hot captains and girdles. I’ve only watched to the first episode of Pan am, but it looks like it is going to become a must-follow tv show. The plot is based on the most prestigious airline in the sixties, also known for its excellent services and kind and beautiful stewardesses. Behind these four lady-like, sexy, nice and smiling girls there are lots of hidden stories. Maggie Ryan (Christina Ricci), Kate Cameron, Laura Cameron and Colette Valois; protest, escapism, espionage and love stories may identify them.  Only the scenery, the staging and the incredible outfits they wear worth watching it. Although at the beginning it may look a lot like Mad Men, i’m sure these blue uniforms will make a difference in nowadays tv satisfying the popular desire of seeing the world. I must admit, that just after watching to it i couldn’t avoid humming Edwyn Collins’ song. I hope you’ll enjoy the flight.