Red soled shoes. Red soled shoes have become the signature of this french footwear artist. Undoubtedly Christian Louboutin is one of the first shoe designers i have ever read about, and since then, every film and every music video i watch turns into a research waiting for the moment the girl turns back just to see what color her sole is. If a woman looks for comfortable shoes, i’m sure they wouldn’t be the right choice but… oh man! they are so beautiful, sexy, elegant and extremely high, just magnificent! I remember this summer in a fashion show in Barcelona, suddenly appeared lots of pairs of Louboutins, and believe me, maybe i am a little excessive, but i couldn’t stop smiling for 5 minutes! In my opinion it doesn’t matter what you wear, if you wedge a pair of CL, you already get the look! There are lots of incredible shoe designers, but, still don’t know how, Louboutin makes a great difference.

Now Christian Louboutin is celebrating 20 years of creating art pieces, and has launched a book which commemorates what his brand has meant for fashion industry and in which some of his friends have collaborated. The book is called “Les 20 ans” and some of the socialites that appear are:  Dita von Teese, Diane vonFurstenberg, Kristin Scott Thomas, Mika, Gareth Thomas, Rossi de Palma, Farida Khelfa or Arielle Dombasle. Here you can see some trailers.

Each one may have different opinions, but we all must agree that you’ll never get too high when wearing a pair of Louboutins.