Happy New Year everyone! it’s been some weeks ago since i last posted but this has been a really busy Christmas. I must admit i have missed a lot this screen, reading the comments and also getting nervous every night before seeing the count of visits. Any case i just want to say thank you and… i am back, and restless!

I chose “Restless” as the title for my year’s first post as it may have been one of my biggest obsessions this Christmas. Gus Van Sant, Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hooper combine perfectly in one of the most beautiful films i have ever seen. Maybe it’s too easy to summarize the plot: the story of an impossibly long-life love between a terminal cancer ill girl and a solitary funeral crasher boy who uses to speak with a kamikaze ghost. So… it may sound weird and too much drama for sure, but i still don’t know how, Gus Van Sant achieves to make you focus just on how special both characters are and only on the beautiful and romantic side of the story. You really must watch it! and remember, different can be good, try to keep restless!