Alex Turner + Miles Kane + James Ford. It was in 2007 when old friends Alex Turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (from The Rascals) decided to collaborate and create a new band called “The Last Shadow Puppets”. The release of their first (and last) album “The Age of the Understatement” wasn’t until April of 2008, and it was absolutely brilliant! Far from being  just a second part of their own bands, they created a new “retro gangsta in the 20s” style never heard before, which made them worthy of the MOJO award as best breakthrough artist of 2008. I know maybe it’s too late to talk about them, but yesterday my iPod playlist remind me of them and their addictive melodies, which will never be old fashioned. I just hope someday we’ll be able lo listen to their second album release.


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